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Throttle is the leader. If you want to understand this character, think Clint Eastwood. Behind the sunglasses is a squint that can melt a mugger from a hundred yards away. With his intense. low voice, Throttle gives new meaning to 'speak softly and carry a big stick'. This is a character that thinks before he acts and uses his head as effectively as his fists. Throttle's dedication to duty is only exceeded by his loyalty to his two partners.

Like all great heroes, Throttle pays a price for his heroism. While he is off fighting to save the galaxy, he misses his home planet of Mars and hopes to someday return. And while he will never admit it, he misses a woman back on Mars, the leader of the Martian Freedom Fighters: "Carbine".

They have an interesting if slightly strange relationship. Throttle has never quite come to grips with the fact that Carbine is his superior officer in the ranks of the Martion Freedom Fighters. He also has trouble coming to grip with the fact that he has a huge crush on her. The feeling is mutual but rarely acknowledged between them.

throttle's bike

The Green Machine, ultra fast and loaded with high-tech weaponry.

The Green Machine:  Throttle's Bike Throttle on the Green Machine